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Preoperative Assessment

Once it has been determined that surgery is a necessary part of a patient’s treatment, the Urology Center conducts an overall assessment of the patient’s health and medical history before the scheduled surgical procedure. This preoperative assessment, usually done 3 to 4 business days prior to surgery, takes approximately 1-3 hours to complete.

The assessment may include a medical evaluation of the patient, a review of any existing health conditions, a consultation between the anesthesia staff and the surgical team, and/or an evaluation for further medical tests. It provides our surgical team with all the information they need about the patient and his or her condition before surgery.

The Preoperative Assessment generally includes a review of:

  • Lab work and results
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Patient assessment

All your needs in one convenient location

For patients, our preoperative services are easy and convenient. If additional diagnostic tests are needed before surgery, they can usually be done within 24 hours. All members of the surgical team are in one place. This allows for an efficient and effective presurgical assessment and communication of information among the surgical team members.